Headquartered in Wichita, KS, USA, Midwest Combustion Solutions, Inc is a full-service company geared to meet most all of your boiler room needs. We represent some of the most respected boiler house equipment manufacturers in the world. We provide a wide range of energy saving solutions for a variety of industrial, institutional and commercial applications.


Midwest Combustion System Inc. specializes in the boiler plant, and every effort is made to ensure that it is operating at its peak.


Midwest Combustion Systems Inc. is proven and trusted for some of the most demanding and critical boiler applications. Our results are backed by more than 35 years of practical experience.

Through both retrofits and new installations, we are able to increase the efficiency of a boiler plant by dramatically reducing fuel consumption, costs and harmful emissions.  The results are impressive. Environmental objectives have been achieved through significant reductions in emissions. Lower fuel costs have helped organizations adapt to rising fuel prices and changes in the economic environment.


We have the capability to advise and support clients within the Midwestern US area with our Kansas-based engineers.


We are committed to delivering high quality, innovative and effective solutions for our clients.


To provide our valued customers with Boiler House solutions and services that not only save valuable energy but continually meet their expectations now and in the future.